Buffalo Statue!!!!!

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This morning we interrupted this Dagga Doy having a good wallow in the mud. He was not very happy about it. He was so covered in mud, that he looks like a bronze statue.


Monkey Madness……………….

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This morning we had a Vervet Monkey in the Camp. It drove Ngewdi crazy. She was running up and down trying to find ways to climb a tree. Two paradise flycatchers were bombarding it at the same time. I sent Victor to try a chase him out by throwing stones. Didn’t work. Nothing we did got him to leave. For 2 and half hours I had to listern to Ngwedi going nuts and this monkey shouting back at her. When the game drive came back, Steve came to look and of course he was carrying his rifle. The monkey took one look at Steve and was gone. I couldn’t believe it. Cleaver little ******************.

Cutest Baby Elephant.

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Lions at Peter’s Rock.

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Getting close to our White Rhino.

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Beautiful Kudu Bull this morning.

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Sunset – 26 December 2010

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